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Tinicum revises 67-year-old nuisance ordinance


Following months of diligent striving for the best balance of individual property rights and community impacts, including several discussions at public supervisors’ meetings, Tinicum Township has adopted an ordinance “prohibiting the creation of nuisances in the township.”

The township’s original regulation on the subject was adopted in 1951. The revision action was taken at the Jan. 2 meeting.

The revised ordinance notes that regarding public nuisance, supervisors’ purview need not be limited to prohibiting “the storage of abandoned or junked automobiles”; the “carrying on of any offensive manufacture or business”; or the “obstruction of any public road,” all of which are still covered.

Accordingly, the new ordinance not only prohibits the “storage of any unlicensed, unregistered, abandoned or junked automobiles, vehicles and equipment other than in a licensed junkyard,” but also adds the “placement of a storage container such as a POD or truck body, for greater than two years, unless extended by the township in writing.”

Officials had particularly struggled with that addition, being concerned about situations such as a home improvement project that dragged on longer than expected, but felt the opportunity to apply for an extension satisfied that concern.

In addition, the township now declares it is a prohibited nuisance “for any garbage, rubbish, refuse, waste, junk, or trash of any kind to be transported into and/or accumulated within” the township, or to use the same “for feeding of animals, fertilizer, fuel, fill, or any other purpose.”

Other nuisance types are particularly prohibited, in addition to those related to the operation of a business, or obstructing a roadway. Included are the “operation of a racecourse or track, whether or not for racing, for vehicles commonly referred to as go-carts, four wheelers, motorcycles or similar vehicles … when it causes a general interference with the peaceful and enjoyable use of any person’s property or premises … by disturbing or excessive vibrations, noises, lights, dust or otherwise.”

The new ordinance took effect on Jan. 7.



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