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Crouthamel, Saylor join Sellersville council


Two longtime Sellersville residents have begun their first terms on Borough Council.

Sworn in at the borough’s annual reorganization meeting on Jan. 2, Donald Crouthamel and Lynne Saylor took their seats at council’s monthly January meeting on Monday.

During the proceedings, council reapproved Cowan Associates as borough engineer, while also reappointing Fox Rothschild as borough solicitor.

For Crouthamel and Saylor, it was the start of what they hope to make successful terms on council in which they contribute to helping enhance Sellersville for residents and businesses.

In interviews, both outlined some of their objectives.

Saylor, who has lived in town for 27 years, said the motivation to run for council lay, in part, in a desire to help develop a business plan for Sellersville’s future growth. The councilperson, who has 18 years experience in research and regulatory, pointed to the Sellersville Business Campus as a prime opportunity for the borough.

“Sellersville has a unique opportunity to attract environmentally friendly companies to the large parcel,” Saylor said of the planned campus, which consists of six yet undeveloped lots on the former U.S. Gauge site. Solar Manufacturing, an industrial furnace maker, plans to build on two of the lots this year.

“In addition to redevelopment of the site,” Saylor continued, “I would like to see a comprehensive plan that incorporates aesthetics and curb appeal into the community.”

Crouthamel, who has lived in Sellersville for more than 40 years, said he ran for council because he wanted to contribute to the borough he loves to call home.

“Sellersville has been a wonderful community in which to raise a family,” Crouthamel said. “Now, with both my wife and I being retired, I felt I had the time available and I wanted to find a way to give a little something back to the community that has given so much to us.”

For the last six months, Crouthamel has regularly attended council meetings to acquire a better understanding of the issues facing the borough and the various ways in which council has worked to address them.

“I have really been impressed with the spirit of nonpartisan cooperation and dedication on the parts of all members of council, as well as our borough manager and his staff,” said Crouthamel, who, like Saylor, is a Democrat.

Looking forward, Crouthamel says he has some long-term goals for his time on council.

“I want to work to work generally for the betterment of the community and to revitalize our ‘downtown,’ while maintaining Sellersville’s small town charm – which has been part of what has made it such a nice place to raise a family,” he said.



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