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New Plumstead supervisor sworn in, board reorganizes


Bucks County Court of Common Pleas Judge Jeffrey Trauger swears in newly elected Plumstead Township Supervisor Pete Busillo.

Pete Busillo, Plumstead township’s newly elected supervisor was sworn in by Bucks County Court of Common Pleas Judge Jeffrey Trauger at the reorganization meeting Jan. 2.

Busillo will serve as board treasurer, with supervisor Dan Hilferty as assistant secretary and treasurer. Stacey Mulholland was elected as chairperson, Brian Trymbiski as vice-chairperson and Nick Lykon was appointed as secretary.

Professional appointments for the year were approved by the supervisors with Grim, Biehn and Thatcher as solicitors, C. Robert Wynn Associates as engineers, Gilmore Associates as traffic engineers and water and planning consultants and Horner and Canter as wetland consultants.

Keystone Tree Experts were approved as arborists, Dunlap and Associates as auditors, William Bolla as conflict and building code of appeals solicitor, and Keystone Collection Group as local services tax collector.

Supervisor Nick Lykon asked that the 50 percent increase in Keystone Tree Expert consulting rate be reviewed.



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