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Chip Mergott: Music Minute

A classic moment

Comedian Tom Dreesen, Frank Sinatra’s opening act for decades, tells a story of a concert moment that happened when the Chairman was in his 70s.

Frank’s memory had been faltering, and one night he actually came to a halt in the middle of a song, totally lost. The band stopped playing one by one as Mr. Sinatra just kept repeating “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” into the mic.

Many thought “This is it – the end of a beautiful career.” But suddenly a fan shouted “That’s all right Frank – don’t worry about it- we love you!”

An ovation started that lasted for minutes, and this self described “saloon singer” came back out and nailed every note, every nuance of “Mack the Knife ” singing like a man 40 years younger.

That moment of encouragement and love led to two more years of performing before Sinatra’s final retirement.

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