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Icy blast stops us in our tracks

Bill MacDowell cleared his pond at Honey Hollow to help clear the snow for hockey players.

Cruel winter days greeted 2018 as hurricane-force winds blew and temperatures dipped to zero and below in local areas.

Lakes and ponds froze over and the Delaware River gathered more ice every day.

It was 17 degrees when Kathy Peoples photographed the river in Bensalem, on Dock Street, in front of the new development called Waterside, where she was visiting a friend.

“You could almost walk across it,” she said of the river, which at that spot, was frozen from Pennsylvania across to New Jersey.

“The channel is very deep here, as I have watched the tugboats and freighters go down it quite often,” she said. “Obviously, no boats are going through these waters with these extreme weather conditions.”

A few days earlier the river was partly frozen with ice chunks by the New Jersey side. “Now the river had covered over completely with ice. It’s a rare scene because the water is very deep here, deep enough to send the freighters through it,” Peoples said. She could ice cracking of ice as she looked for composition angles to shoot.

Peoples is an instructor of photography at her Katydid Photography studio in Warminster.



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